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Experience Lockmar

We invite you to join us for an uplifting and informative time of teaching and worship, where you can find friends and follow Jesus.

Whether you are searching for a closer relationship with God or some stability in your life, Lockmar is a place where everyone can learn and grow together.

You don’t need to wear a coat and tie or a fancy dress to fit in. Your church background or lack of experience in church does not matter to us. You matter to us.

We are a group of people of all ages, who come from various walks of life.

We are always looking for friends, so come be part of our supportive and caring fellowship.

How about experiencing Lockmar Baptist Church this week?

Life is a journey

Life is an amazing journey, that winds through all types of experiences. Have you ever noticed that often we must choose a path to follow, and it is not always easy to know which way to go? Have you ever wished there were directions for the many new and sometimes painful experiences that we encounter on life’s road?

At Lockmar, biblical teaching provides insightful direction to help us navigate life’s journey. God provides instructions to let us experience life in the fullest way possible, regardless of the circumstances. The Bible has answers to the questions we have about everyday living and our eternal destiny.

Find friends

On Sunday mornings, in addition to large group worship, we have small group Bible discussions in a relaxed setting. Small groups are a great way to find new friends, who can help you enjoy the journey through life.

Everyone is important

Lockmar has something for almost everyone. Are you looking for worship, teaching, friendship, or fun? You can find it at Lockmar.

We provide a nursery where babies are cared for, while adults spend time together.

Pre-school children and students have their own groups.

Each Wednesday evening, children and students enjoy activities that are designed especially for them. Our youth are our future, so we offer them a strong, godly foundation for success on life’s journey.